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Employee Success Story: Jason Rakers

Posted on December 16, 2022 by

At VSC Fire & Security, we believe that our dedicated employees deserve to be acknowledged for their hard work and commitment to our customers. When an employee stands out, our leadership team takes notice. Jason Rakers has been with VSC since 2017, and, in that short period of time, he has exceeded expectations and helped move our company forward in a variety of ways. He’s a true success story, so we asked him a few questions about his experience working at VSC over the years. Take a look at his answers below.

Q: How many years have you worked here?

A: I have worked for VSC for almost five and a half years, since April 2017.

Q: What all positions have you held?

A: Contract Foreman, Field Supervisor and Project Manager

Q: How did you find out about VSC?

A: I found out about VSC from friends in the field that worked at VSC. In many trades, field techs jump from company to company, so you end up knowing people from several companies without working at them yourself.

Q: What made you consider seeking employment here?

A: I was unhappy at my last company for numerous reasons, and I wanted a change. I knew the field superintendent at the time from another company and talked to him about coming on. Plus, the VSC location was close to my house, which is always a plus.

Q: What are some of your proudest moments during your employment?

A:Some of my achievements while employed were running two big jobs at Duke University? while in the field, Duke MSRB 3 and Duke Pratt. After that, I got promoted to field supervisor at 32 years old. The stress got to me, along with other personal matters outside of work, and I decided to go back in the field. I ran numerous other jobs, including another big one at Fenton before getting promoted again to project manager almost a year ago.

Q: What is one of your favorite memories at VSC?

A: The safety summit was a lot of fun this year. Other than that, just being in the field with the guys having fun and still getting work done. The comradery in the field is one of my favorite things about the field. I liked installing the big jobs; watching a huge puzzle go from nothing to the finished product was very rewarding.

Q: Who is your mentor at VSC?

A: Honestly, I never really had a strong mentor in the field. But in Over the past year and a half, I would have to say Barry Bandy. He also started at the bottom and worked his way up. He pushes me to do better and learn more constantly. He recently started pushing me to take my NICET tests to get my license in inspections, design and layout.

Q: What was one of the most important lessons you have learned here?

A: Teamwork. It doesn’t matter how good the individual is; without teamwork, nothing will get done efficiently. Solid teamwork helps get the job done without anyone having to work themselves to death.

Q: How would you describe the atmosphere at VSC?

A: Friendly. Obviously you will always have some people that are just here. But For the most part, everyone likes what they do and strives to work together.

Q: If you could pitch an employment opportunity to a friend, what would you say about VSC?

A: It’s a good place to work with good benefits and good pay. The Raleigh office is growing and always looking to promote from within.

Q: What is your favorite part of your day?

A: Usually after lunch is my favorite part of the day. Typically, my mornings are busy between getting emails out, getting change orders written or booked, answering questions, and ordering material. It usually calms down after lunch.

Q: What is your favorite part of the job?

A: I like communicating with a lot of the general contractors. A lot of them are really down to earth, funny and just want to get the job done.

Q: Do you have a favorite quote about success or hard work that you’d like to share?

A: “Skilled labor isn’t cheap, and cheap labor isn’t skilled.” – attributed to Sailor Jack, a WWII-era tattoo artist

Q: What skills have you learned here?

A: I’ve learned how to better manage and run big jobs, how to order material, list jobs, more about NICET codes and better computer skills.

Q: How would you help a new employee become successful?

A: I’d give them guidance when they need it and show them better and more efficient ways of doing things. I’d let them know what weaknesses I see and show them ways to improve on those while also acknowledging their hard work and dedication. You can’t always look at the bad; you have to acknowledge the good also.

VSC Fire & Security, Inc Jason Rakers

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