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AlabamaBusiness License9330022463
Certificate of Authority202211170000006016
Contractors License1408
AL&MS General Contractors License50975
Electrical Contractors License23-17410
Fire Sprinkler System Permit4170
Certified Fire Alarm Contractor PermitA-0848
Fire Systems Permit/Inspection4136
ArkansasABPA BF Assembly Tester License04-2209501
ADH BF Assembly Tester LicenseATT2470
ADH BF Assembly Testing Tech LicenseATT1297
ADH BF Repair Tech LicenseRT2043
ADH BF Tester LicenseATT2432
ADH BF Testing TechATT2394
AETA BF Assembly Repair CertificationAETA-R-5563
AETA BF Assembly Repair LicenseAETA-R-5703
AETA BF Assembly Tester CertificateAETA-T-2740
AETA BF Tester CertificateAETA-T-3118
AETA BF Tester Recert CertificateAETA-T-2143
AETA BPAT LicenseAETA-T-1771
AFPLB Ext. Apprentice Permit4740 AP
AFPLB Fire Sprinkler Inspector License2099
AFPLB Fire Sprinkler License1001
AFPLB Inspection, Sprinkler Fitter License2054
AFPLB PE, CA, Halon, CO2, Class B License3856
AFPLB PE, Fixed, Class B Hydrostatic, CO2, CA License4125
AFPLB RME LicenseRME-1682
AFPLB Sprinkler Fitter2400
Alarm Tech LicenseAT.0005051
Arkansas, State of0028470424
ASP Agency Rep Manager LicenseREP.0006240
ASP Alarm Manager LicenseREP.0001599
ASP Alarm System Agent LicenseAGT.0000006
ASP Alarm System Tech LicenseAT.0004389
ASP Alarm TechAT.0001562
Commercial Business License2752
Fire Alarm License0001847
Fire Sprinkler SystemFSS-007A
Privilege License3031
Schedule C LicenseR-139089
TX BPAT Refresher & BF Advanced Assembly Repair CertificateAETA-TX-T-0006
Business License3600100770523
FloridaCertificate of CompetencyFPC22-000017
Certificate of AuthorityFPC21-000041
Contractor’s Tracking Certificate371-23
Electrical Contractors LicenseEF20000798
Fire Systems Permit/InspectionFPI18-000080
Certified Alarm System Contractor IEF20000798
Fire Equipment Dealer License | Fire ExtinguishersFED19-000034
Fire Equipment Dealer License | Pre-Engineered Fire Extinguishing SystemsFED20-000043
Fire Protection Contractor LicenseFPC23-000032
Fire Protection ContractorCL 000101
GeorgiaBusiness License165644
Certificate of AuthorityCC 000784
Contractors License/ Fire Extinguisher Permit2022-4469x
Contractors LicenseCC 001056
Fire Alarm PermitLVU406529
Fire Systems Contractors License2022-4202XH
Fire Systems Permit/InspectionIL 000938
Business License2023-167
KansasFire Sprinkler, Fire Alarm, Fire ExtiguisherF2489
LouisianaFire Sprinkler Work75108
Life Safety LicenseE23871
Life Safety & Property ProtectionE23869
Life Safety FS Inspector LicenseE19229
Sprinkler ContractorMSC-407
MarylandAlarm Permit1215
Business License2110265
Contractors LicenseMSC-325
Master State ElectricianES 10875
Master General ElectricianMG 13416
Electrical Contractors LicenseELEC-41213-2022
04-Qulified Agent14599
Fire Systems Contractors License24-00042372
Security Systems Agency License107-1215
Electrical Contractors License10170509
MississippiClass C – System Installer10170509
Certificate of Responsibility (MS)19287-SC
Business License32883
Assembly Tester License10476
MissouriBusiness License3379
Fire Sprinkler Installation Contractor32246
North CarolinaLow Voltage InstallerLV671
Business License109
Certificate of Authorization115430580-1
State License with Licneses30892
Contractors License17339
Spec Restricted Fire Alarm/LV ClassificationSP.FA/LV.30882-04
Electrical ContractorsSP.FA/LV.30882-02
Fire Sprinkler Insp Contractor;Insp Technician & Installation Contractor24288
Fire Systems Permit/InspectionL.28783
OklahomaVendors License5605-12
OK Fire Alarm, Access Control LicenseA470169
OK FS-Tech, FS-Inspector, CFA-Tech LicenseA158064
OK Fire Alarm Tech LicenseA469576
OK Fire Sprinkler-Tech LicenseA466181
Business License8152
OK Fire Sprinkler Tech LicenseA470408
OK FA Tech LicenseA469628
OK Alarm Manager LicenseA5115
OK Fire Sprinkler Tech/Inspector LicenseA5263
OK FS-Insp, FS-Trainee LicenseA466465
City of Broken Arrow OK LicenseCON-002744-2023
OK FS-Inspector LicenseA7359
OK Alarm License CFA-TA468861
OK Fire Sprinkler-Inspector LicenseA466461
OK Fire Sprinkler Manager LicenseA470598
OK Fire Sprinkler Inspector LicenseA12188
OK CCTV-T, AC-T, CFB-T Alarm LicenseA13437
Fire Extinguisher Industry Company License288
Alarm & Locksmith LicenseAC440869
Occupational License CCTV-M; AC-M; NC-MA2596
PennsylvaniaBusiness License212676
Burglar Alarm Permit13396
South CarolinaBusiness License212676
Fire Equipment CompanyFEC.1268
N Myrtle Beach, City of5034
Charleston, County of – Fire Alarm ContractorLIC-013500-2022
Contractors LicenseCONT-021630-2023
Charleston, County of – Burglar Alarm ContractorLIC-012683-2021
Certificate: Fire Alarm CompanyBAC.13393
Fire SprinklerFSC.1670
Auto Fire Extinguishing Systems202208462
Additional Qualifying Party Cert #BFS.8826FSC.1928B
Primary Qualifying Party Cert #BFS.8826FSC.1928B
Fire Systems Contractor LicenseFSC.1669 M
Fire Alarm ContractorFAC.13376M
Fire Sprinkler/QualifierFSC.1671
TennesseeTN Portable & Fixed License1787
TN Portable & Fixed FE Specialist License1785
TN PE, Fixed License1786
TN Fire Alarm License44542
TN Certificate of Registration
Tennessee, State of36957
Portable & Fixed Fire Extinguisher License432
Port & Fixed fire Ext Syst; Fire Ext-Firm358
Fire Systems Contractor License1338
Fire Protection Sprinkler Systems651
TexasTX RME Inspector LicenseRME-I-2464806
TX Private Security License727589
TX FS RME-General Inspector LicenseRME-I-2086738
TX Fire Sprinkler RME LicenseRME-G-2529285
TX Fire Sprinkler RME Inspector LicenseRME-I-1999372
TX Fire Sprinkler RME General Inspector LicenseRME-I-2384047
TX Fire Alarm Tech LicenseFAL-2184457
TX Fire Alarm LicenseFAL-2278273
TX FE Type K – Kitchen Hood Systems LicenseFEL-K-10777
TX FE Type B License10936
TX FE License Type K Kitchen Hood SystemsFEL-K-2616662
TX FE LicenseFEL-K-1851740
TX FA Tech LicenseFAL-1745514
TX FA Planning Supt LicenseASP-2477409
TX FA Planning Superintendent LicenseLicenseAPS-1765464
TX FA Planning LicenseAPS-1775810
TX FA LicenseFAL-2132876
TX BP Assembly Tester LicenseBP0012544
TCEQ – TX BF Assembly Tester LicenseBP0018091
Responsible Managing Employee – GeneralRME-G-2106963
Fire Sprinkler LicenseSCR-G-2530760
Fire Alarm LicenseACR-2531444
Extinguisher LicenseECR-2531418
Certificate of Private Security LicensureB07308001
Business License230129
Certificate of Authority
Electrical Contractors2710055153
Fire Alarm PermitF2212-05724
Fire Systems Permit/InspectionCA-1002518
Plumbing Contractors License2710013267
Private Security Service Business1573405
District of ColumbiaContactors70104541
Fire Systems Contractor LicenseFAL-0365
Fenwick Island, Town of23-00727
Annual LicenseFSL-0146
Business License2009604662
Class ii&iv Fire SupressionFSL-0146
West VirginiaContactorsWV046022
Business License12578

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